Letter of Credit Documents

Basic Letter of Credit Documents:

Letter of Credit Application


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Proforma Letter of Credit Template


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Bill of Exchange (Draft)


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Supplemental Documents

To receive payment, an exporter or shipper must present the documents required by the letter of credit. Typically, the payee presents a document proving the goods were sent instead of showing the actual goods. The Original Bill of Lading (BOL) is normally the document accepted by banks as proof that goods have been shipped. However, the list and form of documents is open to negotiation and might contain requirements to present documents issued by a neutral third party evidencing the quality of the goods shipped, or their place of origin or place.

Typical types of documents in such contracts might include:

  • Shipping Documents
    Bill of Lading, Insurance Certificate, Commercial, Official or Legal Documents
  • Transport Documents
    Bill of Lading (ocean or multi-modal or Charter party), Airway bill, Lorry/truck receipt, railway receipt, CMC Other than Mate Receipt, Forwarder Cargo Receipt, Deliver Challan…etc
  • Insurance documents
    Insurance policy, or Certificate but not a cover note.