Legal Issues in Using Social Media for Exporters

By Jess Collen, New York DEC Member
Collen IP Law

If you are contemplating or have launched social media marketing, have you considered the legal implications of your efforts? Exporters using Social media are promoting to both the domestic and international markets all at the same time.

Remember to review your use of social media to be sure it is free of any content which could lead you to exposure for copyright or trademark infringement. Other risks can come from marketing efforts which inadvertently violate consumer privacy. Standards in Europe and Canada are quite restrictive, for instance.

Other issues you should be identifying before launching a social media campaign, particularly if directed at European customers, include:

• Marketing with social media, including prize promotions and user generated content
• Mobile marketing (via smartphone/tablet devices)
• Updating your data security/privacy policies in social media
• Develop social media policies which state how your employees may or may not use social media in referring to your company, to your customers, or to competitors

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