Arizona DEC …

State-Wide Resource to Companies Currently Exporting and Those Considering to Enter the International Export Market

The Arizona District Export Council, made up of members from throughout the state, serves as an advocate for international trade issues that impact Arizona.

At the federal level, the Arizona DEC works in conjunction with congressional and senatorial offices to represent export-oriented Arizona businesses and their interests. The Council also works with city, county and state partners to address trade issues that are local and regional in nature.

In addition, the Arizona DEC has sponsored a series of successful private meetings between businesses and Arizona’s elected representatives in Washington, D.C. to convey Arizona’s business concerns and objectives, and ensure our representatives are fully taking these needs into account when weighing their policy decisions.

The DEC, often in collaboration with our strategic partners, also sponsors specific trade educational events on themes, such as: successfully doing business in China; mastering import/export regulations; and, benefiting from free-trade agreements.

Arizona DEC’s Four (4) Active Committees:

  1. Trade Policy & Legislative Affairs:  maintains relations with Arizona’s elected leaders, keeping them abreast of the business community’s policy concerns and aspirations.
  2. Export Resources:  works closely with the Arizona U.S. Export Assistance Center to organize export-oriented training designed to benefit Arizona companies.  Examples include Export University programs in both Scottsdale and Tucson.
  3. Education:  reaches out to students and educators around Arizona to discuss the benefits of trade-oriented careers. T he Education Committee sponsors an annual student essay contest.
  4. Communications:  develops innovative means of communicating with Arizona’s global business community.