About DEC

A Personal Message from Our Chair

The Arizona District Export Council is seeking to develop a positive and inclusive message regarding trade and globalization, while acknowledging the risks associated with global disengagement and protectionism. As Chair of the Arizona DEC, one of the State’s leading trade and investment groups, I am pleased to invite you to partner with our on-going mission as a sponsor of the organization.

DEC’s seasoned trade professionals are available to help Arizona companies learn to successfully exploit the opportunities inherit in the export market. The Arizona DEC, made up of members from throughout the state, serves as an advocate for international trade issues that impact Arizona and provides state-wide exposure for your organization.

At the federal level, Arizona DEC works in conjunction with congressional and senatorial offices to represent export-oriented Arizona businesses and their interests. The Council also works with city, county and state partners to address trade issues that are local and regional in natural.

With carefully articulated messaging and media, delivered by credible sources trusted by the plurality of Americans, we can effectively communicate with American workers, labor unions, middle managers and millennials, to share the benefits of global engagement on issues such as trade, security, immigration and international economic development.

You and your organization are market and thought leaders within your communities. I personally ask for you to provide financial and leadership support to Arizona DEC to continue to help grow Arizona’s global exports.



Melissa Sanderson

Chair, Arizona District Export Council