New Solar Panel Tariffs – Felt by AZ Companies, Consumers

Arizona Daily Sun Publication

Reprint: 1/26/2018

WASHINGTON – New tariffs imposed Tuesday by the Trump administration on imported solar products will benefit domestic manufacturers, but could hit consumers and other parts of the solar energy industry hard, experts said.

The proclamation was one of two signed Tuesday by President Donald Trump, along with a measure imposing tariffs on large washing machines, actions the White House said are needed to “provide relief to U.S. manufacturers injured by surging imports.”

“Our companies have been decimated, and those companies are going to be coming back strong,” said Trump, according to a White House transcript of the signing ceremony. He added that the tariffs would cause companies to manufacture those items in the U.S. creating opportunities for “a lot of workers, a lot of jobs.”

But critics of the move said it could have the opposite effect. The Solar Energy Industry Association said in a statement that the 30 percent tariff on solar components could result in the loss of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in investments in the U.S.