DEC & Partner: ​Mexico still can be our land of opportunity

Arizona DEC Member, Steve Zylstra, CEO of Arizona Tech Council

By  –  Guest blogger / Phoenix Business Journal

If you have the opportunity to tap into doing business inside one of the top 15 economies in the world, would you jump at the chance? If you told your employees their efforts could position your company to enjoy revenue streams from what is projected to be the fifth largest economy by 2050, would that be a motivator?

If you answered “yes”—or even asked, “where?”—you get a sense of why this week I joined government and business leaders from Phoenix on a trade mission to Mexico City. Yes, in this campaign season when politicians seem to hold our neighbor to the south at arm’s length, we all jumped at the chance to find out more about how Arizona and Mexico can help one another.  CLICK Here to Read Full Article