DEC Partner: Promoting U.S. Growth Initiatives for Economic Development in Arizona

The 2nd Arizona UAS Summit & Expo organized by Aerospace Arizona Association in partnership with the AUVSI Saguaro Chapter, brought together experts, industry, academia, legislature and policy makers, military, first responders and disaster relief, regional business leaders and economic developers to highlight emerging trends shaping the unmanned aircraft systems industry on the international, national and regional levels.

Aerospace Arizona Association Chair Mignonne Hollis and ADEC member Moses Koyabe teamed up to host a variety of dignitaries among whom were AZ Senator Bob Worsley, Chair of the Transportation Committee, and AUVSI CEO, Brian Wynne, from Washington D.C.

Taking place November 6-8, 2017, at the Sheraton Mesa Hotel at Wrigleyville West in Mesa, Arizona, this unique event assembled more than 120 attendees and offered access into the impressive UAS ecosystem in our region, opened up visits to our ASU Poly Campus at Mesa Gateway and created networking opportunities designed for decision makers currently or potentially linked to UAS.

With more than 1,200 aerospace companies and the largest government-based UAS center in the world located in Arizona, the Southwest’s role in furthering the breakout of commercial UAS activity or the continuation of mission critical UAS operations is primed to expand.

As organizers for this event, we are driving to stimulate and accelerate local activities and out of state partnerships that will feed into various economic markets.

Moses Koyabe
ADEC Member – Aerospace Arizona Association, Advisory Board Member